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An author, personal trainer, lifestyle blogger/podcaster and empowerment coach for busy women on the rise. If you’re the kind of woman who wants more for yourself, you’re in the right place.

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        Luwame is not only a personal trainer but she is your advocate for your mind, body and soul. She motivates you to give your best and stay consistent. Luwam’s workout gears to your specific needs. I can see significant change in my body. While working out with an awesome trainer you learn to be discipline and make healthy nutritional choices. I highly recommend Luwame if your looking to make a lifestyle change.

        -Tehitena A

        I became a client  about two years ago and have stayed with Luwam since then. While I’m traveling and can’t physically work out with her she makes it a priority to send me my weekly outworks on Sundays, helping me stay motivated and driven. After she started training me my approach towards weight loss, healthy eating, and protecting my energy changed. I toned my body, got into the habit of waking up earlier then I normally did for work to make time to workout, and became conscious about what I was eating. By far my favorite part of bring trained by Luwam has been our conversations, her story is inspiring, and motivational, above all her positivity is contagious. I wouldn’t consider working with another trainer. 


        -Rahwa Z.

        I have been working with Luwam for almost a year now, and I couldn’t be happier with the results and experience. She is extremely encouraging and pushes me to achieve the goals we have set. The workouts are targeted and geared for result ; I look forward to each session. Luwam is very personable and a well rounded person and trainer she is very flexible and go out of her way to help others achieve their goals. She has helped me to lose weight and strengthen my body. would definitely recommend Luwam; she is the best trainer around!

        -Selam T.

        Luwam’s ability to build relationships with others and lead her clients by example is a testament to her character. This extends beyond training with people to empowering and engaging people on a personal level. Her qualities and skill sets are quickly recognized with anyone that works with her. Luwam operates with high integrity which wins the respect and trust of her clients. She has an amazing ability to strengthen muscles in the body and mind to help you deal with the obstacles and challenges in life much easier. I have learned a great deal from Luwam taking multiple people under her wing, training, mentoring and transforming lives. Her genuine interest in seeing the best in people helps to train people to maximize their full potential rather than fit them into “a box”. She is great at understanding issues and distinguishing between people, process or tool. Luwam is incredibly talented and her areas of strength include Customized training, Coaching and providing feedback for development of others. She is truly a pleasure to work with and appreciate her positivity and professionalism. Luwam would be a great asset to anyone who wants to transform and I’m honored and fortunate to train with her.

        -Kelelaye E.

        Luwam’s  encouragement and knowledge in providing both nutritional and functional fitness support has been fundamental in accelerating sustainable changes in my performance (in the gym) and the way I tackle my week. From the importance in proper form instructions to being open and willing to answer any and all questions, Luwam has been a phenomenal coach, and an amazing support system. 

        I appreciate the support and encouragement along with the vast knowledge she so generously provided.

        -Tarikua E

        I never worked with a personal trainer before. When COVID hit, I opened up to the idea. Lupi was very patient with me. She pushed me to be my best. At the same time, she was able to work with me at my level by creating modifications to every exercise. She shared her personal fitness experiences with me and encouraged me to make time for myself. She is friendly and inspiring. She is the kind of trainer you want by your side to achieve your fitness goal. 

        -Docho E.

        Working on my fitness goals with Luwam has been the best thing I did for myself. I was one of those people that signed up for gym memberships but rarely made it. Seeing Luwam’s drive and commitment made me want to step up. How can I hit the snooze button when I know she’s going to be waiting for me at 5AM in my building gym?!!

        Luwam challenged mentally and physically. She worked with me to understand WHY I want to get fit and came up with a plan tailored just for me and with my schedule. No excuses, just results. I can’t believe I love working out now and that’s definitely thanks to my amazing coach & friend. She’s flexible, knowledgeable, and leads by example!

        -Mimi T

        Having Luwam as my personal trainer these past few months has been incredible. Not once did I feel like I was working out for any reason beyond the fact that I had a goal and wouldn’t quit until I achieved it. She constantly reminded me to think about my purpose of doing what I was and that was my motivation. She made working out fun and entertaining and truly personalized it to my liking. Even now, I carry on what she has taught me and keep in mind that fitness is a lifestyle. A trainer who pushes me to be the best version of myself is what I was looking for, and that is exactly what I got with luwam.


        -Reem E.

        “Before Luwame, I never would have imagined myself this involved with my fitness journey.  I had always thought I needed to constantly use the treadmill to lose weight much less think about using weights. Now here I am months later using HIIT workouts, free weights, Pilates and much more. I have improved in my form, in achieving endurance, in gaining muscle and above all in my confidence. I am proud of myself and proud of my body and I have Luwame to thank.  She definitely deserves a shoutout for dealing with my complaining about mountain climbers, but it did help me lose 17 pounds :)”

        -Loren C.

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