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The woman behind the Luwamé brand.

Author, Personal Trainer, Accountability/Life Coach, Fitness Coach, and Accountability Coach by day, and Blogger/Podcaster by night. Luwam’s personal journey led to the creation of Luwamé—in the hope of empowering women to take charge of their life.

Wife. Mother of 4. Fitness Trainer. Author. Accountability/Life Coach. Influencer. Blogger. Speaker. Podcaster.

My name is Luwam (derived from the Eritrean word for ‘peace’), but my father began calling me “Luwamé” from the day I was born; which means “my Luwam” in Tigrinya, our Eritrean native language.

I’m the child of immigrant Eritrean/Ethiopian parents who tell me that giving birth to me brought them hope. Perhaps that was fortuitous, as my mission at Luwamé centers around bringing hope to women.

You may know me as a Personal Trainer, Blogger, and YouTube host, but at the heart of it all, I’m a woman—juggling the roles of wife, mother, and entrepreneur while trying to stay in touch with who I am and working towards even bigger dreams.

Growing up on two continents and witnessing the demands women face in trying to do it all, triggered something deep within me. I believe that women deserve to have it all and live their best life possible, while creating beautiful lives for those around them. I seek to inspire and empower women to want more for themselves and provide the insights, tools, and tactics needed to succeed in all areas of life.

Luwamé is about feeding your mind, body, and soul with goodness. Because unless you feel good in all three components, you will never truly be fulfilled. It’s my greatest passion to work with women, like yourself, in becoming the best version of you.

When I’m not training clients, blogging, speaking, or on set, I’m embracing every moment with my four amazing children and my high school sweetheart, best friend, and biggest supporter—my husband, Bini.

Faith-based wholeness. For women who want it all.

Women are complicated, but you already know that! Every intricacy and element of your being forms the woman that you are, so at Luwamé, we focus on creating, building, and implementing the habits, beliefs, and structures necessary to support you as a whole—body, mind, and soul.


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It all seems impossible. Until it’s done.

I looked in the mirror and barely recognized the woman I had become. For the first time in my life I felt fat, lost, depressed, and insecure. Somewhere, hidden beneath the 80 pounds I had gained during my first pregnancy, was the woman I once knew—the one who felt confident in who she was, knew exactly what she wanted, took action in the direction of her dreams, and refused to settle for anything less than she knew she deserved. I was determined to get her back.

Within a year I had lost the weight, but the physical body is only one component of who we are as women.

It took me years to overcome the insecurities that had become part of my identity during that time in my life. As a young wife and a new mom, I juggled many responsibilities as I continued to work hard on myself, and realized that there were many women in the same situation. If you’re reading this right now, relating to my story, know this: you are not alone and if I could get my life back, so can you.

Luwamé began as my way of sharing what worked for me; acting as a platform to provide support, guidance, and tools for personal transformation that can be implemented into your own journey of self-rediscovery.

Now, reaching thousands of women around the world, Luwamé is the go-to source for inspirational newsletters, podcasts, articles, fitness programs, planners, apparel, and more.

Join the empowered community of global women. You belong here.

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