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Between Two Worlds

The story of a bold and adventurous woman…
…the book for all women who want to create and determine their own destiny.
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Author Luwam Tesfaye

A personal note from the author, Luwam Tesfaye

Between Two Worlds is a blend of fact and fiction that tells the story of one truly remarkable woman — Weizerit Annabella Lorenzo (also known as “Grams” to me).

The idea of writing my grandmother’s story is something I have been playing around with for years, but it wasn’t until 2020 that I finally put my dreams into action. I gathered all of her stories together, got her blessing, and dove into writing and researching.

I have always heard the glorious stories of the men in my family, from loved ones, from my community, from society. Ye somehow the women who helped those men achieve greatness always seem to be forgotten. I think that is why my grandmother made it a point to start sharing her story with my sister and I when we were young girls living with her in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I believe she shared her story with us to not only encourage us to want more from life, to challenge the status quo, to be independent thinking strong women, but also so we can carry her legacy and share in it to inspire others.

I hope this book inspires you to want more for yourself and to know life is too short to settle.

About Between Two Worlds

Annabella Lorenzo is a free-thinking strong-minded woman. In the late 1950s in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and Asmara, Eritrea, when women were expected to follow orders and their biggest dream was to become a housewife, Annabella’s dream was simple yet revolutionary–to live life on her own terms.

But, when age old traditions and customs are forced upon her, Bella makes a harrowing choice to live boldly in her truth, but not without surprises, obstacles, and dangerous choices. She embarks on a journey that reveals her past, introduces her to her future, and allows her to evolve into the fierce and independent woman she always knew she was meant to be.

Available now on Amazon!
Between Two Worlds by Luwam Tesfaye book cover
Weizerit Annabella Lorenzo


Charming, full of heart, funny, entertaining, and empowering! Luwam Tesfaye takes readers on a trailblazing journey with a story of a courageous woman that defiantly paves her own way against all odds. 

~Mimi T.
Owner, www.mylittlejebena.com

It was a book that took me back in time and transported me back home to Addis in Ethiopia. The author gave me a glimpse of Ethiopia and Eritrea that I’d never seen. It’s an intimate portrayal of Ethiopian history and the life of the royal family that few saw before and can’t scarcely imagine now nor have never heard before. The author also provides an insider account of the history behind the Ethiopian Eritrean in conflict that Ethiopians, even my peers growing up, were never taught in school. 

~Tsehaynesh K.

The author illustrates a revolutionary and inspiring tale of independence, freedom, self discovery and love. Beautifully written, thrilling and exciting, reading “Between Two Worlds” is a book you won’t want to put down! The story of Anabella Lorenzo is a fearless example of the essence and beauty of a women who seeks to live boldly. Culturally engaging, historically fascinating – A MUST read!

~Tarikua E.
Author of Her Poetic Truth – A journey through poetry

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