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90 Day Program

The Fit by Luwamé: 90 Day Program is a comprehensive personal fitness and accountability program (with one-on-one training and accountability coaching with Luwam!) for the woman who wants to look fabulous, feel fantastic, and get her life back on track—in just 90 days.

Together, we’ll focus on you.

Who it’s for:

The Fit by Luwamé: 90 Day Program is for the woman who’s lost touch with herself and is ready to get the support she needs to lose weight, feel fulfilled, and reclaim her confidence.

This program is for you if you are open and willing to drop the excuses, get clear on your intentions, and take action on your goals.

It’s for the woman who has been giving to everyone else and realizes it’s time to give back to herself.

It’s for the woman who desires to feel the way she knows she deserves to feel.

It’s for the woman who wants more, is done settling, and is ready to invest in herself, because deep down she knows she’s worth it.

How it works:

3 x 60 minute sessions every week

We’ll meet 3 times a week via Zoom. Each session offers you 60 minutes of uninterrupted time devoted to you achieving your personal goals.

Daily devotionals

Each morning, I’ll send you a devotional via the Bible App. It’s designed to keep you intentional, grateful, and grounded as you begin the day.

Physical training workouts

Twice a week we’ll devote our Zoom sessions to fitness workouts.

Accountability coaching

Once a week we’ll meet on Zoom for 60 minutes to plan your workouts and goals for the week. We’ll create healthy habits and design routines to support you in achieving your goals. We’ll reflect on where you are and where you want to go. And, we’ll ensure that you remain focused, accountable, and on track throughout the program, and beyond.

Workbook and Planner

To support you in solidifying the routines and skills we are creating, you’ll have a guided workbook and Luwamé Life Planner to help reflect and focus yourself (mind, body and soul) each day.

Let’s make it happen:

Apply now to get it all in 3 x 60 minute sessions with Luwam every single week for 12 weeks, for $79 per session.

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