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SHIFT by Luwamé is a life coaching group program with Luwam for the woman who wants to shift from fear of the unknown into abundance, shed limiting beliefs, and get out of burnout and not feeling like enough into peace and creating the life of their dreams.

Together, we’ll focus on you.

Who it’s for:

SHIFT by Luwamé is for the woman who is tired of burnout, not feeling like she is enough, competition and comparison, and people-pleasing.

It’s for the woman who wants to shed limiting beliefs, move into feeling more abundance and peace with where she is now, set her own timeline, and understand her value and the power of NO.

It’s for the woman who knows that by giving back to herself first, she can give to everyone else.

It’s for the woman who wants more, is done settling, and is willing to invest in herself, because deep down she knows she’s worth it (and investing in herself results in goodness for everyone around her, too!).

How it works:

WEEKLY coaching group call

Every week for 3 months you will meet via Zoom in a group setting with Luwam to ask questions, reflect, plan, and continue creating healthy habits and routines. Each week’s content will build on the previous weeks’ content, and these small, manageable building blocks will prevent overwhelm and allow you to master one new technique at a time. Click here to learn more about SHIFT.

Let’s make it happen:

Apply now to get this 3 month program for $1199.

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