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Master Class

The Fit by Luwamé: Master Class is for 90 Day Program graduates wanting to continue looking fabulous, feeling fantastic, and keeping their life on track! This monthly membership program combines fitness training and a monthly group call with Luwam and other graduates for community and support.

Together, we’ll focus on you.

Who it’s for:

The Fit by Luwamé: Master Class is for the woman who has realized the value of support and how it helps her continue to meet her fitness goals, feel fulfilled, and rock her confidence.

This program is for graduates of the 90 Day Program who have dropped the excuses and want to continue gaining clarity on intentions and taking action on goals.

It’s for the woman who knows that by giving back to herself first, she can give to everyone else.

It’s for the woman who wants more, is done settling, and is willing to continue to invest in herself, because deep down she knows she’s worth it (and investing in herself results in goodness for everyone around her, too!).

How it works:

Physical training workouts

Each month you’ll receive 4 weeks worth of workouts via the TrueCoach app to help you continue to build on your fitness goals.

Accountability coaching group call

Once a month graduates and Luwam will meet on Zoom to ask questions, reflect, plan, and continue creating healthy habits and routines. These group calls will provide a shared community and support to help you remain focused, accountable, and on track to achieve your goals.

Workbook and Planner

To support you in continuing to build on and use the routines and skills you’ve created, you’ll have a guided Master Class workbook and Luwamé Life Planner to help reflect and focus yourself (mind, body and soul) each day.

Let’s make it happen:

Join now for $100/month.

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