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Bye Bye 2018… Hello 2019

Just like that, another year is about to be over and we are left to think about all the things we did or didn’t do in 2018 plus the many goals we have for 2019. So many of us are sitting at home/work/coffee shop (you name it) right now and writing out our dreams and goals for 2019. So many of us are making that inevitable reach for a better tomorrow and I applaud those efforts100 percent because dreaming out your life and then placing that dream on paper (something for you to see every morning) is the first step to reaching your goals. It helps remind your mind, body and soul that this moment right here is a practice run for what’s to come. 

How do you write out your yearly goals? Do you achieve them with ease or are you left baffled by the amount you set out to do and never get accomplished?

My best friends and I were having this very conversation about a week or two ago. They were writing out their goals, and both wanted to do things differently this year; make it more intentional and purposeful. The idea was to come up with a feasible plan for each goal, so they felt accountable each day. We all felt this way because every year we wrote out our goals and yet some of the same ones got dismissed over and over again. We knew we wanted to achieve certain things, yet we weren’t working towards them. Sound familiar?

2019 will be different! Not just because I am stating it out loud and bringing it into existence, but because I’m willing to do things differently. As always, I wrote out my goals for the year, a list of 10 things that range from family to business to personal dreams. What’s different this year, is that I took my friend’s advice and along with each goal, I listed weekly/monthly due outs which would eventually get me closer to accomplishing each goal. Here are some examples:

-     Goal #1- Family and Marriage- spend more time together as a family

o    Monthly do out- Date night twice a month

o    Sundays- dedicated to my family- no more working or attending events

-    Goal #2- Travel to 2 new Countries

o    Weekly do out- put aside $50 for travel plans

-    Goal #3- ABS/ABS/ABS

o    Weekly do out- Add more strength training into my workout regimen- 4 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

-    Goal #4- Start Vlogging on YouTube

o    Monthly do-out- Create 1 YouTube video

-    Goal #5- Gain client base for PersonalTraining

o    Monthly do-out- NETWORK and introduce yourself to at least 5 potential clients

-    Goal #6- Luwame Blog- add more ads/collaborations/growth

o    Monthly do-out- Create or Attend at least 1event or collaboration

Do you see where this is going? By adding weekly and monthly do-outs, I am making myself more responsible for achieving all the goals I’ve listed. It also makes each goal easier to attain because there is a clear path.

With every New Year comes excitement and hope for the best! As we walk away from 2018 and enter 2019, let’s do it with a plan in place, one that will help us achieve greatness.

Don't look back... only forward!

 If you’re looking for a great tool to help you keep all your goals in check. You will love my newest project ‘My Life Planner’! More than a daily planner, the Luwamé Life Planner is a one-stop shop for all your journal needs. It increases productivity by organizing your life to focus on your goals- both short and long-term and incorporate them into your daily life. The idea behind each planner is to inspire you to design the future of your dreams and work towards it every day.

Lastly, lets please leave all the negative baggage behind and start fresh. Not just with ourselves but with others too (our spouses, friends and family, co-workers) anyone who has wronged us. I know it’s easier said than done, but can you imagine how amazing it would feel to be hate free? What would it look like if you took the first step to call someone and squash whatever is between you? To not let the anger or negative feelings you have for someone hold weight on you anymore? That’s real freedom, and it’s within that freedom that you can grow.

I hope this blog helps you or someone you know. As always I’d love to hear from you. Please be sure to leave your comments below- How will you be keeping up with your goals in 2019?


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