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Makia Cares — Children Skin And Hair Care Review

As mothers, we all want the very best for our children, regardless of how old they are. 

That’s why I try my best to only choose natural and chemical free products when it comes to anything my kids use.  So when I heard Makai Cares created a new skin care line for children, I jumped on the opportunity to try the products and review them.

I should start by saying that Makai products hold a special place in my heart. I’ve done reviews for them in the past and can honestly say that they genuinely care about their customers and had their best interest in mind when creating Makai or MakaiCare products.  Their mission is to provide skincare products that enhance the health and well-being of their clients while also preserving the environment. Plus, they are women-owned and you know I’m all about seeing other women succeed.

We received their shampoo/body wash, body lotion, and hair detangler to review.

My kids have been using the entire line for a little over a month now, and my review is based on my experience with them.

Novena and her hair love love love the leave-in detangler. It's perfect for her curls and smells amazing!
What’s Good About It?

Not only is it soft on their skin, but it also smells amazing and leaves their skin fully hydrated. The entire line is organic and scented with Lavender and Chamomile. The portion sizes are great for the price, and I love the packaging too.

Their entire line is sulfate, paraben and artificial colors free.

The shampoo/body wash and lotion contain coconut oil to moisturize the kids’ hair and body, and I could immediately see the difference in their skin after using it. I also loved the fact that the products are all made from natural ingredients.

My favorite product by far though is their leave-in- hair detangler! As a mother of two curly hair girls, brushing their hair can often be a test (especially with Isabella). I love that Makaicares detangler makes my life easy and eliminates most tangles while keeping their hair soft and shiny.

What Did I Not Like?

I wish there were more products for children like hair oils and creams. 

My older children did not like the fact that some of the products had “baby” on them. They thought it was only for their younger sister and in the beginning refused to use it.

How Affordable are the Products?

10oz Body wash/Shampoo Lavender Chamomile- $21.00

10oz Lotion Lavender Chamomile- $21.00

10oz Detangler Lavender Chamomile- $18.00

Where Can You Buy It?

Be sure to follow their IG page @makai_cares for all updates and discounts. 

Will I Continue to Use Makai Cares?

Yes of course! I am pleased with the results. Most importantly, my kids love the products which automatically makes me love it.

 As always, I’d love to from you! Try one or all of the products and let me know what you think.


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