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Healthy Living

We all have our own healthy living journey. Here is where I share mine, step by step what has helped me lose weight, gain strength and maintain it through out the years.

Fit By Luwamé 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are now in March! The third month of 2018 and I don’t know about you, but I could use a little healthy push right about now! I want to get away from the everyday routines I’ve become so accustomed to. 30-day Fitness Challenges are perfect in that sense and can be done by anyone regardless of where you are in your healthy living journey.

Every year, I challenge myself with a healthy living goal for my family and me. Last year, it was to lose the baby weight and to help my oldest daughter get more active. We both achieved our goals. This year, I want to tone my body, Bini will be losing weight, and the kids will be consuming more veggies in their diets (Lord help me)! These kinds of challenges help me and my family get closer to our goals and motivate us to keep going.

Outdoor Yoga with the children

I must say though, with all the challenges I’ve done I always found something missingNot enough cardio/ too much cardio/ meal plans didn’t work for me/ no meal plans/ workouts were too easy/workouts were too hard… the list can go on and on.  When I decided to create my challenge, I wanted it to be everything I felt was missing from all the ones I’ve done in the past. I took the lessons learned and implemented it in this challenge. What I love about Fit by Luwame 30 day Fitness Challenge is that it can be done anywhere from your office at work to your kitchen floor. There are no limitations, and the workouts are simple yet efficient. The meal plans are delicious and also easy to make (this is coming from someone who cannot cook to save her life).

Pilates! I'm testing myself this year and trying new things. Finally my form is getting right.

I partnered up with a fantastic trainer- Mahi Tadesse from Vida Fitness, and you will see her explain why specific workouts are best and give clear step by step instructions on how to correct your form when working out. We go through different full body exercises so you will never get bored. There are also videos on how to make different meals for all the people out there that dread meal prepping.

Meal Prepping

One thing I must stress about this challenge is that… this isn’t just about being fit and getting results, no this is more than that. It’s about being able to be a wife, a mom, a working mom at that and learning how it balance it all together while still having the time to do things you love. For me, it just so happened to be working out. For you, it could be different.  Do this challenge with me, show yourself that you can do it all and then take the discipline and consistency you learn here and apply it to other parts of your life.

We started Fit by Luwame 30 Day Fitness Challenge yesterday, but it’s not too late for you to join us. Feel free to email/DM/FB message me with your Facebook name if you are interested and I will add you in. We will be adding members until this Sunday, March 4th, 2018.

As always, I’d love to hear from you.


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