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Five Podcasts That Will Add Value To Your Life

Is it just me or have podcasts lately become part of the “adulting” process?

Long gone are the days where I would hit cruise and drive on the highway while blasting my music with the windows down. These days, give me a great podcast, and I’m good to go! I love learning from people sharing their stories. I find myself listening not only in the car, but as I shower, clean the house, and even at the office. Basically, anytime I can squeeze it in.

What I love most about podcasts and especially the ones I’ve listed below, is that they always leave me feeling motivated and uplifted, plus who can forget all the great laughs and advice they offer. Often, I find myself resonating with a person as they tell their story and learn from their past mistakes.

I consider the moments spent listening to various podcasts as a form of my self-care.  

This is time I can devote to building myself up and learning from the countless people who walked in the same footsteps I am walking today. These are the individuals who had big dreams and wouldn’t let their situations stop them from accomplishing their goals, mothers who manage to balance life and have amazing careers, creators/innovators who built empires from nothing and lastly, folks who inspire me every day to want to do more.

Here you go - I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

1)    Oprah’s Master Class –

Of course Oprah would be the top of my list. I mean come on... she is OPRAH! What I love about this podcast is that she interviews respected and renowned public figures as they share their personal stories and life lessons on how they became the people they are today.  Best way to learn is through experience so listening to people like Alicia Keys, the late Dr. Maya Angelou, and even Oprah Winfrey herself talk about their struggles and how they built their careers, always leaves me feeling motivated to conquer the world with my dreams. If they can do it why can’t we?

2)    Jesus and Jollof –

By far one of the funniest and realist podcasts I have ever listened to! It’s led by two Nigerian-American women, Luvvie Ajayi, and Yvonne Orji who talk about things they are currently going through (like home ownership and therapy) and advice on relationships, pursuing your passions plus so much more.

3)   On Purpose with Jay Shetty –

A podcast that will definitely leave you wanting to live a more purposeful life. Jay Shetty was once a monk who has now made it his life’s mission to spread wisdom around the world. He talks about manifesting your dream life and what it truly means to be in a healthy/happy relationship. He also brings other insightful people to interview on the show. My favorite quote of his is below:

4)    How I Built This with Guy Raz –

Ever wondered how Bobby Brown makeup line was created, or how Instagram became so big? Well, this podcast will certainly answer all your questions. It’s the behind the scenes story of how so many companies/movements started and what drove the idealists/ innovators to become the successful entrepreneurs they are today.

5)    Women Inspiring Women-

Led by Melanie Mitro, a woman who built her online business from her kitchen table while still raising two young children. It is the perfect example of being unstoppable.Using social media as her primary tool, she was able to spread the word and gain clients for her health coaching business which brought her a substantial amount of income and allowed her to live the life of her dreams. Today, she coaches other women on how to lead a thriving business and brings those lessons to the podcast every week. If you have questions on how to build your Instagram page or how to approach a new client, she is the best person to learn from.

There are so many great podcasts that will bring positive energy into your life while adding value. These are just my favorite top 5. What are some podcasts that you are listening to? Make sure to leave me a comment below with your favorite ones so we can all learn from each other.


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