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We all have our own healthy living journey. Here is where I share mine, step by step what has helped me lose weight, gain strength and maintain it through out the years.

Get Your Post Quarantine Body Right

Thanks to coronavirus, we have all been stuck at home for the past couple of weeks, and while I'm hopeful that this will soon be all over or at least the issue will be better taken care of, it still scares me more and more as the days go by.  I knew there was a crisis the instant our church sent out an email asking us all to pray during these hard times and that all masses were cancelled.

My mentor brought up a great point when this whole ordeal first started, and schools shut down. She told us to never forget our why... that the HOW might change but the WHY should never change! Not only was she right, but her message also hit home for me POWERFULLY.

Like most of you, my why is to live a healthier lifestyle (especially during times like this- the healthier you are, the better chances you have to fight this virus).

The why should never change! Let that sink in a little!

The 'how' changed for a lot of us the second schools and stores closed, grocery stores went low on food and supplies, and most offices told their employees to work from home. Now that gyms have fully closed all over, you're 'how' has definitely changed and I want you to understand and be ready to workout from home using the items you have around you. For the past couple of months, I have been posting workouts that you can do with or without weights and in the comfort of your own home. Feel free to take a look at them here.  

Today, I want to go over some of my favorite outdoor cardio workouts. With the weather getting warmer, it's always nice to be outside and get fresh air, especially for all the moms out there that are probably getting cabin fever with the kids at home.

1)    Running –

ALWAYS MY TOP CARDIO EXERCISE! I love running because it makes me feel free and alive. I love it when I can put headphones on and simply lose myself on the road just being in my thoughts and listening to music or a podcast.

2)    Frog Squats –

A killer for your glutes, but the burn will feel so good.

3)    Speed Leader –

Get ready to get your heart rate up. I love the speed leader because there are so many workouts you can plan with it. You can create your own speed leader using chalk on your sidewalk or driveway.

4)    Walking Lunges –

Moving one leg in front of the other! One of the best ways to build muscle on your legs.

5)    Side Shuffle –

Another great cardio move!

I hope this blog helps you or someone you know. As always, I am here to help you with any fitness-related question you may have. Feel free to write your questions in the feedback section of the blog, or you can always email/DM me as well. If you are looking for a community of likeminded women that want to live a healthy life just like you, share nutritional programs, 30+ workouts a week and access to personal trainers like myself...hit me up, I'm working on a project called FitHer Nation that I'd love to share with you.


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