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Hitting The Pause Button On All Things Luwamé Related

There comes a moment in everyone’s life where we all have to hit the PAUSE button! PAUSE to reflect on all the good and bad that is happening. PAUSE to finally breathe some fresh air and simply just be still. PAUSE to see our lives for what they truly are. PAUSE to see how blessed we are even with all our troubles. JUST PAUSE! I’ve reached that point in my life and while I write this blog with tears in my eyes, I know it’s the right thing to do.

I’ll be quite honest with you…COVID-19 has been a HUGE wakeup call for me. I’m always on the go, always working hard and doing what needs to be done to grow Luwamé as a brand. I love what I do for a living and can easily lose myself in it, which is a good and bad thing at the same time. To me, Luwamé is never work, instead it’s my baby, something I started to inspire women everywhere to live their best life possible. When I started this blog 3 years ago, I had absolutely no idea where it would lead me. All I knew was that I wanted to help women from making the same mistakes I made in my life. I wanted a better life for you! It’s this theory that's kept me going through all the ups and downs of this journey. I knew I was doing my life’s purpose and there was just no quitting that!

However, I’ve been so focused chasing my dreams, and taking on so many projects that I failed to see what it was doing to me and to my family at this time. I never stoped to re-adjust my work when Novena had surgery months ago, or even now, with the world has we know it changing daily, it's still always go, go, go, for me. That mentality has driven me to feel so overwhelmed with work and home life that I just want to run away (please tell me I’m not the only one feeling this)! These feelings are mixed with guilt and shame because my husband and kids see me physically at home with them, but yet I’m mentally not present at all.  I've talked about this before and it's something I wanted to be very intentional about but haven't. That same feeling has now grown into insecurities at home, in my business, in my decision making and now, I feel it everywhere.

I feel it in my writing, in my parenting, in my relationship and when I’m coaching clients or teaching classes. My heart feels heavy and incomplete. I basically feel overwhelmed and pulled in too many directions. More overwhelmed than I’ve ever been and in this state of mind, I can’t focus enough to give you the best of me.

To give you a clear example- I'm currently in-between running or part of 7 different projects, plus we are now home schooling our kids and still have Novena in Physical Therapy 3 times a week. Our life is crazy! So what I’ve been doing lately is giving all my projects roughly 10-20% of my time, and slowly but surely I’m seeing everything suffer because of it. I can’t give anything 100% because there is just too much going on and I’m not in the right mindset. Keyword here is RIGHT MINDSET! Your mind is a very powerful tool, and without it being positive, nothing else will work for you. You could be the best at anything but without that positive mindset it will all be for nothing.

Everything happens for a reason, there are no mistakes in life, just life lessons! I love reflecting and journaling on everything that is happening around me because it shows me a clear path to what I did right/wrong and how I can better any situation.  I want to use my time home with the family to do just that- REFLECT. I want to hit the PAUSE button and reassess all the projects I’m working on, see what does and doesn’t bring me joy and grow the ones that do, while dropping that ones that don’t. I want to PAUSE and simply just be with my family without worrying about all the deadlines that I’m missing, without comparing my life to the next woman’s and most importantly without having a heavy heart. I need to work on me before I can bring anything else to the table!  I hope this inspires you to take a step back and see if you’re taking care of your emotional health as well. 

Can’t wait to be with you again!

With Love,

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