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Let's dive in to all things Motherhood related!

How To Homeschool During Quarantine Without Going Crazy

Be careful what you wish for they said...

Just a few weeks ago, I was doing my daily prayers and asking God if I was overdoing it; am I pushing too hard? Am I letting my dream come between my time with my family? Am I being Intentional? Am I being a good mother to my children? Little did I know that within three weeks, our whole lives would change, and homeschooling would be our new norm!

Parents, I get what you're dealing with! You're probably like Bini and I and have had enough of your angels already! You want them back in school like TODAY! Sadly, that isn't going to happen anytime soon, so let's use this opportunity to not only to spend time with our children but also  teach them the things we always wanted to but never had the time.

I want to share the steps that we're taking for my family. We are still living through all the changes that occur daily, so these steps could very well take a different path tomorrow, but for now, this is working, and you know me, sharing is KEY in my world!

1)   Create space for "school" somewhere in your home!

What I mean by creating space is; build the idea of a school environment at home. I took out Bella, Lorenzo, and Novena's desks from their rooms and placed it in one area of the house on day 1 of our homeschooling adventure. You guys, this was a GAME CHANGER for us. The kids feel as though they really are in school. They aren't lounging around or trying to watch T.V.! Instead, they get focused and start doing their work the second they sit in their "school space". Another key point I want to add, is that I've noticed it really helps to have Bini or I stay in their space during "school hours" and be available to help at all times. Think of yourself as their substitute teacher!

2)   Have a detailed schedule written out for EVERYONE to see!

This is so important! Your kids are structured at school, so why even entertain the idea of not following that routine at home. We've been putting the kids to sleep at their regular bedtimes and waking them up at the same time as well. They have to change out of their pj’s before coming to "school," and we start our day with a prayer and affirmations just like we would if they were at school. By setting this standard, we've provided set times for them to learn different subjects, relax, eat, and get everything accomplished for the day.

3)   Throw in new subjects and let them have a little fun!

Use this time to bond with the kids, teach them their family history, do projects at home, and create memories that will last them a lifelong. Bini and I have learned how to use TikTok for the first time; we created history lessons with our friends and their children so we can teach the kids all about Ethiopia and Eritrea. Now, every week, six children from different states get together on a zoom call and discuss their history together. This week, we are working on making goo at home using laundry detergent, glue, and some other stuff that Bella is teaching me.

4)   Keep open communication lines at all times!

We don't know it all, but the teachers do! They know our kids' weaknesses for specific lessons, how they act, and what they need to work on. Talk to their teachers and keep an open dialog with them. Trust me; they want to help you help your children.

 5) Don't be so hard on yourself!

There will be some days when everything goes as planned, and you will feel like SUPER PARENTS, then there will be days where nothing goes according to schedule. Days where you can't get the kids to focus, your little one will cry until she gets your attention, and all the while, you still have tons of work to do. When these days happen, know that it's okay to put everything ON HOLD. Take a breather, go for a walk with the family or alone if you can, get a workout in, and know that it will all be there for you when you return. Be okay, with not getting it all done in one day. Go easy on yourself and know that you are a fantastic parent!

 I hope this blog helps you or someone you know! Leave your comments below with how you are homeschooling your children during quarantine. Oh, and if you are wondering what I pray for now, it's patience through this challenging time and for GOD to always remind me that I love my children and cannot kill them. LOL


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