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Living In Your 30s — Life Lessons

So my 35th birthday was this past Sunday on September 30th. For those of you that have been following Luwamé, for a while now, you already know that birthdays are a big deal in my household. I mean, come on… it’s the day you came into this world!! How can that not be celebrated?! Last year, I wrote a letter to myself on a way to introduce 34 to 33 and get my goals in check and posted it on the blog.

This year, my goals are all centered around my family and living in the moment; not taking life for granted and going after what I want.  

With 35 came a milestone birthday, it’s halfway passed 30 and closer to 40. As my sister in law so bluntly pointed… this means, I can no longer circle the 30-34 age group on documents or those magazine questionnaires that focus on age and tell you your future (is that still a thing- I’m probably aging myself even more right now). What I’m basically saying is that I’ve hit a milestone age that at one point in my early life, I thought would be disastrous, especially if my goals weren't met. If you ever felt the same way, then this post is meant for you Girlfriend.

As I got closer and closer to the ages I once dreaded, I started noticing that the only thing increasing was the number of years, I’d been on this earth. I don’t feel different or see a difference, if anything I feel as though I am at my best right now and my healthiest.  Therefore, age is truly nothing but a number. I’m just starting to live my life now and have so much more to offer before I can even begin to consider myself old.  I can’t begin to tell you how liberating it is to accept your age and embrace it as a gift rather than a curse.

Here are some life lessons I’ve learned in my 30s so far…

  • YES, you can have anything you want in life.
  • Family over everything regardless of what happens.
  • When it comes to friends, Quality is always better than Quantity.
  • Looks fade! Inner beauty is forever!
  • You fully understand the meaning of an orgasm or multiple orgasms.
  • You have to LOVE YOURSELF first before you can love others. Daily affirmations are amazing and can provide practical applications that will help you build a long lasting positive relationship with yourself.
  • Money and Material things can only buy you momentary happiness and can never buy love!
  • 401k and saving for retirement are indeed a real thing.
  • There is no need to rush everything! Lay back and enjoy the moment! Let it all sink in! (This was a hard one).

  • God never leaves you hanging! When one door closes, there is always a window open for you! Be patient!
  • What’s meant to be will be! Again stay patient.
  • Love life and live it to the fullest! As the artist, Kem said“This is life! You owe it; it doesn’t owe you”!
  • Nothing in life is guaranteed. So know that, the bad moments will pass and enjoy the good ones while they last.
  • It all seems IMPOSSIBLE until it’s DONE! Keep doing what you're doing and stay strong.
  • Goals are life! Vision Boards are essential to keep your dreams and goals alive.
  • Failure is life’s biggest lesson. Once you are okay with failing, nothing can stop you from achieving GREATNESS.
  • You become more interested in being healthy than being skinny. This is where your healthy living journey begins. Wellness is Key! Yoga is relaxing! Running is life!
  • You can’t party until the morning hours anymore and expect to go to work ready to be productive! Unfortunately, I learned this lesson the hard way!
  • Staying in with family is the new going out.
  • THE MEANING OF LIFE (your life’s purpose becomes as clear as day)!

Take time to reflect on your birthday and check in on your goals. I hope this helps you or someone you know. As always, I’d love to hear from you. Leave me your feedback with what you’ve learned in your specific age group.


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