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Luwamé Update — Taking Risks And Accepting Change


Oh, how I’ve missed you all and just being able to sit, write and share. It’s been a crazy, crazy CRAZY 2 months with so many changes happening, but at last, the site is ready, and I’m so proud to be sharing it with you all today on my birthday.

Change is a good thing but it can also be terrifying, and boy am I nervous! I didn’t share this with you guys back in August, but I took time off to not only revamp the site but to also study and pass my NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certification to become a personal trainer. I studied my butt off and failed the first time I took it which was heartbreaking but didn’t stop me from retaking the exam two weeks later and pass!! :)

Being a personal trainer with the ability to help other women succeed in their health goals is a passion of mine, but it’s also brand new territory. It has me taking huge risks and walking away from my comfort zone and into the unknown. What if my clients aren’t satisfied with my training? What if I let people down?

What if... What if... What if... it doesn’t end! 

The unknowns are countless, but my determination to help other women by sharing what I know means so much more to me! The revamped blog won’t just be about personal training though. LOL!

I have also added an advice column- Ask Luwamé. I’m a firm believer in sharing information; there is no point in keeping something good from anyone! We can all learn from other people’s experience so I created an open platform that will be available for any advice you might need.

My favorite change is the “Products” section of the blog. Although it’s not up and running today with the new site, it will be amazing and so worth the wait. I worked extra hard all summer long to bring you a Life Planner, full of weekly affirmations, monthly workout challenges, daily to-do lists and much more. It’s what we all need to stay on track of our every day busy lives.

I will also have Luwamé shirts with women empowerment quotes for you, yoga mats and gym bags for your daily use! Make sure to check it out later this month.

3rd picture has the front part of this shirt- Behind every successful Woman is a tribe of other successful Women!

All this was possible because I decided to take risks and follow my heart instead of being comfortable with the path I was on.I wanted to take time today and share all this with you because I’m sure there is someone who is contemplating making a life change or taking a risk in their career or personal life. I say go for it! Accept change and make it work for you! Take risks and watch your life grow into something you could have only dreamt of in the past.

I hope you enjoy the new site and as always I’d love to hear from you. Please be sure to leave me your feedback about what you like or dislike about all the new features.  


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