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Month Of Yes — The Power Of Saying No To Others And Yes To Myself!

Have you ever read a book that had you thinking about your life? 

The direction you were heading too, the what-ifs, the success and failure points and everything else that comes with life. Some books have a way of entering your life at the right time and changing your vision of life for the better.

I just finished reading “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes, and it had that very effect on me. She talks about the how the power of saying yes changed her life for the better; how it opened the very doors, she closed on herself years ago. How it helped her see people for who they really are and in doing that, she was able to let go of the negative people in her life. It gave her a positive outlook on life and more freedom to do the things she loves to do. All this and much more was accomplished in that one year of saying yes. 

Now, as the reader, of course, it put some serious thoughts in my mind. If Shonda can do a year of yes, I figured I’d try a month and see where it takes me. Her reason for starting this journey was a simple statement her sister made at their annual Thanksgiving dinner “you never say yes to anything.” For me, was “why do you say Yes, when you can’t or do not want to do it”?

The why did you say Yes face! LOL

I just started this journey on April 1st, 2018 and as I sit here and write this post, I’m amazed at how much I have been able to accomplish in just a few hours. 

You see, I am a PUSH-OVER. Yup, I said it; I let people walk all over me. It’s hard for me to say no, especially to those I care about. So while I’m quick to say okay to requests, favors, and suggestions, I’m seldom happy with saying yes. Ladies, why do we do that? Why say okay and then get upset, when we have the power to say NO… just two letters N-O but so powerful. Saying No increases the value in self. If people cannot accept your no, they’re not for you.

This month, I’m determined to do more of what makes me happy and helps me grow spiritually, mentally and physically.  I’m saying:

  • ‍YES to writing and reading more 
  • ‍YES to taking on more challenges for my blog and business ventures
  • ‍YES to praying more and talking to God
  • ‍ YES to taking more gentle yoga classes because it genuinely relaxes me
  • ‍YES to running outside more often because it helps me clear my mind
  • ‍YES to working out for the fun of it and not worrying what the scale says
  • YES to not living in my planner. I won’t schedule every single minute of my life
I’m so intrigued to see what will happen.

You might be wondering what I’m hoping to gain from this experience. Well, for one, I’m hoping this will show me just how far I am willing to go to pursue my dreams. By focusing strictly on me, there is no room left for excuses. A part of me is convinced that I fear growth and all it comes with, maybe that’s why I do so much for others and not myself. I hope by taking on this month of Yes, it will show me that I can do it all. Last and but not least, I want to smile more and complain less. I will share with you what I actually learn from going through this challenge next month. 

Feel free to join me this month and start the month of YES today. Let’s see how far it will take us together. 

As always I’d love to hear from you! Leave me comments on what you think this month’s challenge will do for you.

Until next week!


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