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New Year Healthier You With Mitoq

It’s the first month of a new year and a new decade, which gives us all the reasons to start fresh on our health and wellness journey.

If you are already on your way to fantastic health and know exactly what you need to do to stay on track, then big ups to you, friend! However, if you are like the countless people I meet every day, that get side tracked and lose sight of their bigger goal when it comes to their health and wellness journey, this blog is made for you, my friend.

I’m excited to share all my thoughts and opinions on today’s sponsor for this post, MitoQ!

I’d been hesitant to start using supplements for years, only because I never like taking medicine and supplements somehow went in the same category. I’m old school where I would rather sleep when I get a headache instead of taking pills that would wash away the problem in minutes. However, after reaching 35 last year, I noticed my body changing, and I saw that even though I worked out and ate healthy meals, I still wasn’t reaching my goals. Even worse, I started feeling fatigued earlier in the day, right around 5 pm, and the loss of energy impacted me greatly since it was when I was needed the most by my family.  That’s when I started researching different ways of keeping my energy levels up throughout the day and bingo...SUPPLEMENTS! The more I researched different supplements, the more I realized how much I was missing out. We need to keep our bodies healthy, and adding supplements, especially the right kind, can significantly help you with your goals. 

MitoQ is helping me keep my energy and mental focus at a healthy level and it is also ensuring my overall wellbeing stays intact. 

MitoQ helps your body perform at its best! It is the world’s first mitochondria- targeted version of the CoQ10 antioxidant that supports your body with:

-    Healthy Energy Levels

-    Organ Function

-    Mental Focus

-   Resilience 

-    Overall Wellbeing 

-    Healthy Aging 

Mitochondria are tiny power plants in our cells that combine the food we eat with the oxygen we breathe to fuel our cells and get them working properly. This is essential to our health and wellbeing.  It basically gives our cells the energy and support they need to work properly. 

Have you ever noticed that when you were younger, you could fall off your bike and get right back on or run and jump in ways you can only dream about today? Well, the reason why we were able to heal quicker back then was because the mitochondria in our bodies were functioning properly. As we got older, our mitochondria may have started to decline; in fact, studies show that from the age of 30 onwards, we can lose roughly 10% of mitochondrial function each decade. CRAZY RIGHT?!

This is why MitoQ is so essential to our everyday life. Its health benefits are endless, and in the past two months that I’ve used this, I can already feel a difference. I love the increased energy I feel during my workouts now and through-out the day, especially in the evening when the kids are home from school. More importantly I feel more focused on the tasks in front of me. 

Throughout this process, I’m learning something new about my body and my mind every day! I love that! 

I hope this blog review helps you or someone you know. Be sure to check out MitoQ and all its benefits when you get a chance. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed.

Make 2020 the year you focus on YOU! Remember that when you are not at your best, you cannot give your best to those you love.


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