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Proud Mom Moment- Lorenzo’s First Holy Communion

Faith and Love are what holds us all together! Believing in something higher and understanding how much God loves us is a gift that I will forever share with my family.

Lorenzo is receiving his First Holy Communion tomorrow, and it’s a day we have been preparing for months, probably even his entire life. Up until late last year, for him receiving the Eucharistic was always something he’d seen his sister and I do, and now in preparation for his day, he has been learning all about what it means to receive Jesus Christ into your heart and how important it is to forgive and love everyone. As the days get closer and closer and family start to gather around us in preparation of all the festivities, I can’t help but cry tears of joy for him and his journey.

I love that he is understanding and so eager to learn about Christ and why he died on the cross for our sins. I love that he is making this experience as much of a big deal as I am and that we all get to share it with him.

For everyone that isn’t Catholic and is probably thinking, “why all the fuss” (like my husband- Bini), let me explain.

First Communion is a big deal to Catholics. Bigger than a big deal actually, it’s a beginning of every child’s journey into our faith, because up until now everything the child has done has been steered by the parents. The child is now building a relationship with Christ and taking responsibility of owning up to their mistakes and receiving Christ after confessing their sins.

Bella's First Communion

When Lorenzo received his first confession a couple of months ago, and we asked him what he confused about, he responded with “I’ve been mean to my sister and called her names.” LOL! Children won’t have many sins to confess on but the fact that they understand their faults is the lesson behind waiting until they reach an age of understanding for them to receive the Eucharistic.

Last week, while we were doing his last couple of fittings for his suit, I couldn’t help but smile and feel so honored to be his mother.

God truly blessed us the day he gave us Lorenzo, and as he starts this new journey into his faith, I pray that Jesus’s presence in his heart will continue to teach and guide him to do what is right and instead of what is easy. I pray he always knows how highly favored he is and how much God loves him. I pray that as he receives his First Holy Communion tomorrow, the memory will remain one of the best days of his life because it will definitely be mine.

To my son Lorenzo,

I love you more than you could ever imagine and I am so proud of you. May God always protect and guide you my love!

Love Always,

Your Proud Mom and your Special Special

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