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Let's dive in to all things Motherhood related!

Raising Strong Women

Here is to all the STRONG WOMEN

May we KNOW them

May we BE them

May we RAISE them

As a mother of three children, I strive to be a great example to each of my kids- Bella, Lorenzo, and Novena. Both Bini and I teach and lead by example in being strong independent people. This lesson is of the utmost importance to me! I want my children to believe in themselves to know that they can achieve greatness and that hard work and dedication to their goals will always bring them high rewards.

Have you ever noticed that as parents, we teach our sons different vital lessons than the ones we teach our daughters? Why is that? Is it because our parents did that with us? Or is it because our culture and society show examples of just that? Whatever the case may be, I, for one, am one mother that will raise my daughters STRONG and with the same lessons that I teach my son, Lorenzo.  

I want my girls to know that they don't need anyone to provide for them. They should provide for themselves and others when possible.

The world we live in today has a mean way of showing itself to our children. They see things on TV or hear thoughts from other people that I am not yet ready to teach them myself. So, while I would LOVE to place them in a bubble and shelter them from all the negative and hatred this world has to offer, I also know that if I did somehow figure a way to do just that, I would be hurting them more because the second they leave that bubble the real world will hit them so hard in the face, they won’t know how to stand up afterwards.

So, how do we raise our girls to be STRONG WOMEN? How do we protect them and guide them at the same time? 

We teach them how to:

1)    LOVE themselves through all the bad and good  

It's in loving yourself that you can open up and love others. Teach them affirmations, let them repeat every morning that they are BEAUTIFUL, KIND, SMART, STRONG, BRAVE, AND THE GREATEST. I see how powerful this is with my kids.

Also, always show them unconditional love, regardless of anything that happens. When kids feel safe and loved, they thrive!

2)    FIGHT for what they believe in and for themselves

It always amazes me that we tell our sons to fight back but not our little girls. My dad always used to tell me- NEVER start a fight, but don't let anyone think they can hit you and getaway with it either. Use your words whenever possible; use LOVE first, but NEVER EVER let someone think you're weak. Nowadays, more than ever, I'm reminded of my father's lessons. We've dealt with bullying in our family, and it's something I wouldn't wish for anyone. We can only teach this lesson by consistently talking to our girls and teaching them right from wrong. Having the hard conversations with them and sharing our own stories of when we fought for something we believed in.

3)    Understand their Bodies

A huge lesson that only a mother (or mother figure) can teach! Funny story actually- When I first got my period, I was almost 14 years old, and my father was living in Ethiopia while I was in the States. Well, before I told my mother who was living with me, I made that long-distance phone call and told my father because he didn't freak out about everything like my mom did. My dad didn't know how to answer me AT ALL; in fact, there was this awkward silence for what felt like forever, and then he asked me to put my mom on the phone. She was heartbroken at that fact I would call him and tell him first, but she sat me down, and we celebrated what my family today calls, Women's Day together.

Women's day, is when you officially become a woman (since you have your period)! It’s a day of celebration, where we do whatever the person we are celebrating wants to do. Sometimes it can be shopping and dinner, or movie and ice-cream, or even simply being together and playing a board game at home. It is a massive deal in our family now. My little sister plus my cousins have all gotten a chance to experience it with our mothers or at least with each other. It is also a day of reflection, where we learn exactly what is happening in our bodies. That day, my mom taught me what I was experiencing and how beautiful my transformation would be. She compared it to a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. I was becoming a butterfly!

4)    Be God Loving and Fearing Women

This is the most important one! Through our faith, we can be as STRONG and even STRONGER then needed. We can accomplish anything and go through the worst, knowing we have God by our side. Please, if you take anything from today's blog, let it be this lesson!

I hope today's blog helps you or someone you know. Always remember the best way we can guide our children is to TALK to them, have a daily conversation with them and show them all the love and nourishment they will need to endure the hardships of this world. That way, when they leave our homes and start their lives, they will be STRONG, determined, independent women who can and will achieve greatness in all they seek.

As always, I'd love to hear from you. Please leave your comments in the feedback section below.


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I have a 6 year old and 2.5 year old. We have made the difficult decision to send her to school. We are keeping my 2.5 years old home. I am worried and nervous and worried just like all parents sending their kids for in person learning. Our daughter goes to small school. The school has taken several precautions. They ran successful summer camp without any issues. However, the risk is still there. We have accepted the risk and it’s what’s best for our family. May God protect all the kids that are going back to school.

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