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Let's dive in to all things Motherhood related!

Show Them You Love Them By

This month has been dedicated to LOVING YOU FIRST, and you've done the work! You are now on a mission to bettering your life so that in return, you can be the best version of yourself for your family.

What will this new version of you do to show your family just how much you love them?!

Here are four different ways you can show your kids you love them by instilling essential values in them from a young age. 

1)    Give the kids chores that will be done while you are present.

This way, you are all spending time together and accomplishing house tasks as a family. If that’s not enough incentive, you start paying the kids money for each chore. Start with small tasks like setting or clearing the table for family dinner.

2)    Teach them how to make their bed, fold their clothes, and clean up their rooms.

Moms, the truth of the matter is that our babies will leave us one day, and do you really want your kid out in the world without knowing how to do their own laundry? I know I don't. Sometimes, I feel like it would so much easier to do things myself around the house because it's faster than explaining and teaching the kids how to do it. However, when I do that, I get tired, and my kids get lazy, thinking that mom and dad will take care of everything.

Teaching them how to take care of themselves is not a one-day task, my oldest is 12, and I'm still teaching her today, but she is learning, and that's what counts. These days, the kids won't leave for school without making their beds in the morning.  

3)    Show them the value of money

This is more Bini's expertise than mine, but I see it working wonders with our children's daily lives, and the future looks bright. From a young age, Bini has taught the children that money is something to be earned and never expected. If they want a new toy or anything that wasn't essential, they would have to work for it. He takes the kids to work with him and shows them how he runs his business.  As mentioned, we list out tasks that need to be done around the house and the amount we would pay for it weekly. The kids do the work, and they get paid, if they don't work they don't make that money, it's that simple.  

4)    Talk to Your Children

Do you know what happens during your children's day at school or their friends' house? A lot of us are so busy tackling life that we forget to ask the most critical question when we see our kids. 'HOW WAS YOUR DAY?' A great way to ensure they communicate with you is to have the conversation during dinner time. Go around the table, and each person talks about their day. This way, the kids feel heard, and it gives you insight into their lives.

I hope this blog helps you or someone you know. As always, I'd love to hear from you. How do you show your children how much you love them? Leave your comments below.


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