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Healthy Living

We all have our own healthy living journey. Here is where I share mine, step by step what has helped me lose weight, gain strength and maintain it through out the years.

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Let’s be honest; it’s hard enough staying consistent with our workouts and healthy eating habits when we’re home let alone traveling. 

I’ve been on the road a great deal this year, and the one thing I noticed more and more with every trip is that it takes a great deal of willpower to get up and exercise when I’m not in my comfort zone. 

UP UP UP and AWAY...

So how can we expect to stay healthy when we’re traveling? Especially when on vacation! 

Here are some ideas that have helped me along the way! 

1.    Stay true to your goal! 

 Always remember why you started this journey. That will help you stay motived regardless of where you are in the world. 

2.    Pack workout clothes!  

If you know you have running shoes and workout gear packed, you’re more likely to exercise. 

3.    Resistance Bands 

Cheap, easy to pack, and can be used for total body workouts. I take my resistance bands everywhere with me. A 30-minute workout works wonders! Start with arms and work your way down to abs, booty, and legs. You can find resistance bands here

4.    Utilize what’s around you!  

 While it’s perfect if your hotel or hosting place has a gym, you do not necessarily need one to exercise. Read my blog on working out from home to find other objects that can be used as exercise tools. If nothing is available, go for a simple walk outside and enjoy some fresh air. Remember as long as your body is in movement, you are exercising. 

No equipment needed!

5.    Remember to eat healthy! 

 Be mindful, that we eat is just as important as exercising. Often when we go on vacation, we tend to throw our good eating habits out the door and binge on sweets, carbs, and alcohol. While it’s okay to have cheat meals here and there, remember that your body can only take but so much! It needs healthy meals to keep you strong and on the go. 

Have fruits instead of cake, or veggies instead of fries. If you are in a new country and do not trust raw foods, ask someone to steam the vegetables for you. 

The best juice house in Mekelle! I loved how organic the fruits and veggies were! Extra bonus-you get to hand pick the items you want juiced!

Lastly, one thing that has helped me tremendously through my travels is that I never limit myself and neither should you. You can do anything you put your mind to! 

I hope this post helps you or someone you know. As always, I'd love to hear from you. How are you staying on top of your healthy living journey while on the road? Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below.


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