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Taking A Moment To Say… Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart!

It’s been 3 months since Luwame launched and today seems like a great day to express my appreciation to everyone — together we’ve reached amazing levels in such a short time. 

Our subscriber and social media numbers are growing by the day, and the written stories are being shared with many. That was the goal for Luwame- a platform where all women can relate to one another, learn, empower and inspire each other.

Words cannot begin to express how thankful I am to each person that has crossed my path through Luwame, from the readers who subscribed on day 1 to the subscriber that just joined 5 minutes ago. THANK YOU. Many of your calls and emails have been so encouraging, and I truly appreciate all the feedback I’ve received. The support and kindness each of you has shown me is unbelievable.

Luwame is a reflection of who I am and through telling my story, I get to empower other women who are just like me. Women who are struggling with their daily parenting and marriage decisions, who want to be healthy and feel empowered. That is the biggest gift of all! I love Luwame and everything it stands for. Knowing you all love it too, is the best feeling. SUCCESS

Last week, we celebrated the official launch party for Luwame.com, and it was truly a night to remember. We were blessed with amazing sponsors (see below for a full list), the food was exquisite, the music was fantastic, and the turnout was incredible.

‍Luwame Swag Bags

List of Sponsors

AMV Nutrition 

CorePower Yoga 

Cut Seven 

Etete Restaurant

Events by SLS 

His Leadership her Trust 

Neb Foto 



Saks Fifth Ave- Giorgio Armani counter 

Salon Revive 

Soul Cycle

Sunshine Beauty Salon 

U Street Parking 


Zone Perfect

‍Lifelong Best Friends who have always supported each other

‍Besu from Kino Band

I wish I could have invited more people because I wanted to share it with all of you, but we were limited to a certain number due to space constricts. Here are some highlights from the event.

"Seeing other women succeed in their weight goals and being able to motivate them along the way has become one of my passions. I love sharing ideas for great workout and diet plans. I also love working out with others- to either show them what works for me or learn from their workouts. This all ties in to women empowerment… by living the best version of our lives, by staying healthy, by wanting more for ourselves we are empowering our minds and from there we become unstoppable. To be empowered is believing in yourself and not letting anyone/anything stop you from your dreams. It’s about being determined to rise through all circumstances and along the way empowering others to feel the same. My hope is that you will be inspired to go after your dreams as I am with launching Luwame!" Taken from my speech


‍My forever #mancrush

I hope all of you will continue to enjoy reading the posts, provide feedback and share the site with your family and friends. Again thank you so very much for taking part in this amazing journey with me. I wouldn’t be here without you.

Always Yours,

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