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100 Blogs Later, We Are Still Going Strong!! Thank You

This is my 100th BLOG POST!!!

I can’t believe it!!! It just shows you that consistency and dedication really do pay off!  

Thank you for supporting me and this platform from day 1!

Your continued love and support pushes me everyday to continue writing and sharing my story. The responses I receive from women all over the world through emails, texts, comments, DMs, and all other means of communication on social media fuel me to work hard and create different ways that can help us all live our best lives.


When I started Luwamé, I had one purpose in mind- To share my truth in hopes of inspiring women to strive for more, to never settle and to always follow their dreams. I’ve made a million mistakes throughout my life and it was my goal to share those mistakes so that other women could learn from them and make better choices. I didn’t care if the world didn’t accept it, or if I was “liked” by the majority. I cared about the women that would read it in silence and take action because of it. In my eyes, if one person benefited from the blog posts, then my mission was complete.

Taking it back to 2017... my first photoshoot for the blog

Boy, did I underestimate the power of love and authenticity though! After those first couple of posts, I started getting emails and DMs from women all over the world, thanking me and asking for help.

All they needed was a platform that they could relate to, a safe place where we can all learn from each other and grow. This is a place where competing with others is non-existent and building each other up is all we do. A place where although you have never met the woman you are talking to, she is your part of your tribe, and you stand for her because if you don’t, who will?!

That’s what Luwamé is to thousands of women around the world and to me, for that, I thank each one of you.

I thought I was helping others when I started this, but in fact, this space and all of you have helped me more than you can ever imagine. In sharing my stories and reflecting on my own life, I became a better mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and person in general! So, again from the bottom of my heart- THANK YOU!

In honor of the blog's 2nd anniversary and my 100th post, I did a giveaway on Instagram which ended on Wednesday, May 15th!

The lucky winner to receive over $100.00 in Luwamé products is…. ARE YOU READY FOR IT?! DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!


Koki, I’ll be in contact this weekend to get your mailing address and to have you pick out which empowering shirt you would like.

If there is anything I’d want you to remember from this post or any of my blogs it's that YOU ARE AMAZING just the way you are and can achieve GREATNESS! All you have to do is believe in yourself and keep pushing.

 Much Love,

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