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Let's dive in to all things Motherhood related!

To The Mother That Does It All: Chill You Need A Break!

Don't you wish motherhood came with a manual; you know the kind you get when you order something that needs to be assembled because I don't know about you but I got thrown into this beautiful thing called motherhood without knowing what it really was I had just signed up for!

None of us truly understand what motherhood is really like until we become mothers ourselves and make our own determination for how we are going to raise our children. Somewhere between deciding what kind of mother we should be and actually being a mother, we lose sight of the most important PERSON… US! Feel free to nod your head and agree with me right here.

Let’s be real here; life as our families know it, would pretty much crumble and be non-existent if we weren’t there to take care of EVERYTHING. Unless we take care of ourselves first, everything we do for everyone else will most likely come to a halt sooner than later. Sadly, that’s when a lot of us get our wake-up call!

No more, though(believe me, I’m talking to myself as well when I say this) … enough is enough! We have to CHILL and understand that taking a break is a good thing!  

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading a bible devotional on the importance of REST, and while the entire devotional was amazing, one part hit home for me: 

“We wake up each day with a certain amount of mental, emotional, and physical energy. When we have poured out everything we have to give, we must rest. When we are in this empty state, there is less of us to get in the way of God’s work in our lives. Lean in, be still, and rest. This is the most opportune time to be filled up with God’s Spirit.”  

“Lean in, be still, and rest. This is the most opportune time to be filled up with God’s Spirit.”

Imagine if we thought of resting this way! We would always be running on full energy and be able to do so much more.

Here is the brutal truth that us moms don't want to hear- WE ARE IN THE SITUATION (whether it be good or bad) THAT WE'RE IN, BECAUSE OF OUR OWN ACTIONS AND DECISIONS. We determine what makes us happy or sad, what fulfills us and what brings us down. It's all our call so by deciding to take a break we are choosing to let go of control and to simply think of US first!

With that in mind....

Here is what I’m taking a break from and would love it if you join me on this chill journey:

1)    My house doesn’t have to be spotless ALL THE TIME. Heck, people live in it, so a little mess here and there is OKAY.

2)    Bini can help with things even when he is traveling. A lot of stuff I do for the kids is online. Dads can definitely start taking the lead on some things around the house and when it comes to the kids..and that’s OKAY. 

3)    The guilt of not being like the moms I see at my kids’ schools. You know the one that helps with every activity and is involved in EVERYTHING. I’m not one of those moms, and that’s OKAY.

4)    Not everything on my to-do list will get accomplished and guess what... that’s OKAY.

5)    Goes with #2, but… I’m taking a break from wanting to do it all myself! When my family and friends offer to help, I’m going to take it because that’s OKAY. 

6)    I’m taking a break from not taking a break! Although we travel often, if the kids are with us, it's honestly not a vacation for me.. that's work (no mom guilt in saying that.. because guess what.. i'm taking a break from that too LOL), so... I’m going to relax more, spend more time ALONE even if it means I have to hide from the kids in the house because guess what... say it with me now, that’s OKAY! 

7)    I’m taking a break from being there for EVERYONE and thinking of myself LAST!

I hope this blog helps you or someone you know. I'd love for you to join me on this journey! I can't wait to see how our lives change for the better! As always, I’d love to hear from you. Let me know how you intend to take a break. 


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