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update On The Yes Challenge

Notice the title doesn’t say ‘Finishing the YES challenge’. I’m hooked on this new vibe, and I have no intentions of ending it anytime soon.

For those that are new to Luwame and have no idea of what I’m talking about, feel free to read all about why I started this challenge here.

It’s been two months to the date, today, since I started the YES challenge and the results so far have been unbelievable. It’s given me the courage to STOP limiting myself and my dreams which made me push even harder, and now I am already enjoying the fruit of my labor.

Nothing to do with the post but her smile just brings me so much joy!

I had 7 tasks on my YES challenge and 6 are in full motion today (I just can’t get over that whole scale issue but I’m getting there people… baby steps)! Below is a full update on where I stand with my tasks 2 months into my challenge:

YES to writing and reading more 

Finished Miracle Morning for Writers and I’ve been writing in my journal everyday non-stop since the day I started the challenge. Right now I'm reading How to Master your Mean Girl: The NO-BS Guide to Silencing your Inner Critic and becoming Wildly Wealthy, Fabulously Healthy and Bursting with Love.

YES to taking on more challenges for my blog and business ventures

Took a leap of faith and decided to start my personal fitness journey. I have been reading and studying more even though it’s been challenging to stay on track but it’s a passion of mine that I intend to see through. This challenge helped me get to this point. I would have never made such a bold decision with everything else going on in my life.

YES to praying more and talking to God

The beauty of this challenge, Prayer works... I kid you not ladies and gentlemen when I say I even got Bini going to church with me on a regular basis now… Yes challenge can’t take credit for that but hey I’m on a roll here so why not add that in. I’ve always believed in prayer and having conversations with God, but I noticed that I was doing it more and more when I needed something and not to simply say Thank You for everything You have blessed me with. I made it a point two months ago to start doing that and he has been opening doors for me that I know only He can.

YES to taking more gentle yoga classes because it genuinely relaxes me

 I LOVE YOGA! All the strength training I’ve been doing has really helped me get even more flexible. Only change to this is that I’ve been practicing at home and not in a class setting.

YES to running outside more often because it helps me clear my mind

The weather in DC has been crazy these last couple of months. We were wearing our coats until late April and then it started raining for days and days became weeks. We are finally just beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel, and I’ve been taking the full advantage of it. I forgot how amazing it felt just to let everything go and just run for the heck of it. Not for stats on my Fitbit, or to reach a destination but to enjoy the path I’m on and spend time reflecting on my life.

YES to working out for the fun of it and not worrying what the scale says

Still working on this one… I cannot seem to get over the number I see on my scale. I’m so set on it being a certain number (nothing less or more). In due time, I’m sure this will change, just need to practice staying away from my scale, but that’s easier said than done. To not living in my planner. I won’t schedule every single minute of my life

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YES to not living in my planner. I won’t schedule every single minute of my life

My favorite change to date! It’s so nice to NOT have your whole day planned and just be able to lounge and have fun with the kids. During these past two months, I lost a close family member who was very young and started a family of his own. It made me realize even more than ever that our life is not meant to have every minute of the day planned. Things change, situations happen and life has a way of proving that to you over and over again. As humans though, we refuse to see the signs until it’s almost always too late and then we cry over our missed chances. I don’t want to do that anymore. I’ll continue to plan the basics to stay organized because we need balance and structure but will ease up and leave time to enjoy each other and our time together. I’ve been practicing this more and more during the YES challenge and the children are loving it, most importantly Bini is loving it.

Family outing to the National Zoo

The YES challenge is teaching me so much about myself. I feel like I can be my own worst enemy. I let negative thoughts weigh me down and stress me instead of being positive and seeing the lessons learned in my situation. This challenge is giving me time to reflect on my life and everything that is happening in it. 

The best part is I’m learning to understand that things do not happen to me they happen for me. I just have to believe in myself and the power that anything is possible.

For those that joined me back in April, I hope you are experiencing the same joy with your challenge. Sometimes you won't see the difference in the changes you’re making until much later, and that’s okay. Just continue to keep at it and stay positive. I’d love to hear your experiences, leave your comments in the feedback section of the blog.

For those that have yet to join, it’s never too late. Try something new and see what happens, trust me you won’t be disappointed. Let me know how it goes.

Until Next Week!


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