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Vision Boards — Where Were You All My Life?

I’m a huge believer that dreams do come true! 

All it takes is hard work and dedication. I mean really, if Elon Musk can dream up cars without engines and Oprah Winfrey can dream to be on TV, and both become highly successful then hey, why can’t I? 

People like Oprah and Elon follow their dreams/go after their passions, never let rejection stop them and become highly successful. Simple enough formula, right? But yet only a few people follow those principles. 

We all dream right... but how many of us make those dreams our realities? I recently finished reading ‘The Miracle Morning’ and OMG… even though I was already waking up early to work out, this book motivated me to wake up even earlier and use that time to focus on making my dreams a reality. One of the key things covered was the power of Visualization. 

The power of visualizing your dreams is crazy! Creating a mental image of your wants helps motivate you to accomplish your goals and give you a clear picture of how the end result will look. I didn’t know just how powerful visualizing was until I started practicing it daily with the Miracle Morning. I noticed I was achieving more and making fewer excuses. Striving for more and pushing harder. 

Up until last week, I was visualizing all my goals by closing my eyes and picturing exact moments. So when one of my best friends sent a group text about getting together to create our vision boards, I thought it was a perfect idea and ran with it. I planned a fun vision board party with their help and hosted my family and friends to some great food, drinks and music. Having a vision board allowed us to put our future on paper.

All you need are some magazines, a poster board, some scissors and glue
Let the magic begin

I created my vision board to reflect on my goals. It includes everything I want to do with my life and what makes me happy. The idea here is to create a vision for my life with pictures of bigger and better things that are yet to come. 

All the things I love and want to do...

One of my all time favorite things to envision is me signing my book covers at Barnes and Noble then sitting with Oprah and talking about my book. Makes me smile every time I see it and helps me push harder when I have writers block and can’t get passed a paragraph. That’s the beauty of vision boards… THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. You can do anything and everything you want and envision your life to be whatever you want it to be. The limiting beliefs you have now disappear at this point and the present and future looks bright and exciting. Everything we want is possible, if we believe in ourselves and are willing to do the work.

I urge you all to get on the bandwagon and create your own vision board! Not only is it a fun activity to do with the kids but it also serves as a daily reminder and will leave you feeling so motivated to reach all your goals and dreams.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts. What do you want on your vision board?


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