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Today is my 34th birthday!

Birthdays have always been a HUGE deal in our household. Growing up my mother used to tell me and my sister that our birthdays were one of the most important days and that we should always celebrate it as if it were a national holiday…well, I took the advice and ran with it. Now years later, I’m still celebrating regardless of how old I get and love every minute of my day. It’s like my own personal New Year where I get to reflect on the previous year and look forward to what’s coming. Add all the presents, the extra love from family and friends and dressing up/going out… it’s a win-win situation.

My last birthday (2016) surrounded by friends and family. I was 8 months pregnant with Novena.
I miss my pregnancy days

This year I want to try something different. I’m reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod- if you haven’t read this book yet, please do!! It’s life changing!! So, in his book Elrod states “Whether or not you realize it, incessantly talking to one’s self is not just for crazy people. Every single one of us has an internal dialogue that runs through our heads, almost non-stop.” Here I was thinking I was the only crazy one that talks to myself in the shower, the car and in front of a mirror sometimes. LOL

This got me thinking! I really want 34 to be the year my personal growth takes off. I’m ending 33 with a bang and would love to continue on this positive, successful ride. So I decided that instead of reflecting on the past and talking about the future like I normally do, I would write my future self a letter (talking to myself on paper).  A way of introducing 34 Luwam to 33 Luwam and preparing 34 for all the plans I have in mind. Same concept of reflecting and writing out my goals but with a twist and different layout.

Nice to meet you 34
Here it goes:

Well Hello There 34,

It seems we are finally meeting and although I welcome you with open arms, there are some things you must know about our relationship.

33 was extremely good to my family and I. We moved into our new house. My dream of blogging finally came true, which gave me the strength to pursue my other goals... One being my Health and Wellness certification, which I can happily say I am now a certified health and wellness coach (holla at your girl)! 

Most important though, 33 brought me Novena- our beautiful and happy baby girl. So, when I say you have big shoes to fill… I don’t say it lightly.

Now, with that in mind, you and I are going to become the best of friends and will work together on many projects. The most important one- Always keeping my family close and reminding them how much I love them.

The Tesfaye Family

Feel free to throw ideas my way on how to persuade my stubborn husband that we should have a 4th baby (wouldn’t it be awesome if 34 brought me another little Novena or a baby boy). That should be our first task!  

My other plans are to:
  • Work on becoming a better version of me, because as my earlier years taught me- there is always room for improvement
  • Take The Landmark Forum and work on my personal development (my best friends can't stop talking about it)
  • Work towards getting certified as a personal trainer and learn more about the human body
  • Travel and see different parts of the world
  • Learn one thing together that I didn’t know at 33
  • Read and write more
  • Work on my business plan (wink wink)
  • Strive for positive vibes ONLY

I can’t do any of this alone and will need your help every step along the way. I believe this will be a perfect year and together you and I will achieve greatness.

Today is just the beginning of a year full of surprises and great work. 34, I embrace you and can’t wait to spend the next 365 days together.

I bid you farewell 33! We were amazing together!


Your New Best Friend

I’d love to hear what your birthday rituals and goals are? How do you spend your special day?


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