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5 Important Ways To Show More Gratitude In Your Marriage

Before the kids came, before we were married and before life changed us, we were two teenagers in love, and everything he did had me cheesing from ear to ear.

Just Us (circa 2001)

As we grew older and became more mature so did our relationship, and with that, we somehow lost the crazy butterflies in our stomach and excitement for one another. I guess you can easily figure out the rest of the story; we took each other for granted and somehow everything and everyone else became more important than what was right in front of us the whole time- EACH OTHER. 

You truly never know what you have until it’s gone, but why wait for things to get to that point, instead, value your marriage NOW. The best way to do just that is by showing more gratitude in your marriage and towards your spouse. What better way to prevent getting lost in life’s daily routine than to say Thank You-I appreciate you!

Obviously, it's much easier to show gratitude at the beginning of the relationship because the love is fresh and everything is more noticeable. So if for any reason you are having a rough time finding ways to show or feel gratitude (I can relate- no judgment here), try using one of the 5 methods below:

1. Send an “I LOVE YOU” text randomly during the day

Cliché I know, but it gets the job done. Tell your spouse how lucky you are to have them in your life and remind them just how much they mean to you. This always melts my heart and makes me smile.

2. Compliment Your Spouse

Who doesn’t like being told “You’re beautiful/handsome” or “You make me smile”?  Regardless of how many years you have been together, it’s always nice to hear a simple “That dress looks amazing on you” or “You’re killing that suit.” When you compliment your spouse, you’re telling them something positive you see in them, and that helps build positive vibes in your relationship (trust me-it’s done wonders in mine). Also, keep in mind that nothing brightens up a day more than a compliment from the one you love.

3. Find ways to say “Thank You” creatively even for something you Expect                                    
Disclaimer:  this might feel fake or weird at first

Months ago, I wrote a post on Solo Parenting and how it made me appreciate Bini more for the things he does for us. Well, I started thanking him then and haven’t stopped since. You see, I never truly understood the effort Bini makes every day to take the kids to school in the mornings or just how much he was sacrificing by coming home early on certain weekdays to help me with the kids until he left for 2 months and I had to juggle it all by myself (again, you never know what you have until it’s gone). I expect him to do these things because they are his responsibility, but that doesn’t mean I can’t thank him for it.  Simply saying thank you can go a long way, but words often mean nothing without action, so how about finding sweet ways to show your gratitude instead. 

Try things like:

  • ‍Writing a Love Note
  • ‍Cooking their favorite Dinner
  • ‍Giving them a Day Off from house chores or the kids
  • ‍Participating in something your Spouse likes to do
  • ‍Bringing home flowers or their favorite Dessert
  • ‍Giving a random “Thank You” gift- MY FAVORITE! LOL
4. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Write down all the reasons why you are grateful for your spouse and then go back and read them over and over again. It truly will help you focus on the positive and show more gratitude towards your partner. My list is always evolving and continues to grow every day that I write. It helps me see things in perspective and find more reasons to be grateful which ultimately helps me show more gratitude for my marriage.

5. Let your Spouse know how Essential they are to your Success

Yes, I know it’s your accomplishment but honestly speaking would you have been able to reach this point without your Spouse’s prayer, guidance or support? Never forget the ones that were there with you from the beginning, every step of the way, cheering you on and taking care of the family so you can succeed.  There were so many nights that Bini stayed up with me before the blog launched to help with editing or placing the perfect picture on the home page. I can’t begin to tell you how many times he had to bail me out and pick the kids up so I can finish a post or meet with a fellow blogger. It’s in these moments that I realized how much he cared for my dreams.  My successes are never my own, they belong to the both of us, because without him pushing me to achieve greatness, I would never be here today.

Celebrating Bini and his Brothers at the 20th anniversary of their Company

I hope this helps you or someone you know. As always, I’d love to hear from you… How are you showing gratitude in your marriage?

Until Next Week.


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