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Speak Up In Your Relationship

Do you often not speak your mind when you know you should in your relationship?

Think of one thing or multiple things that you just can’t stand your partner doing but you let it go? Growing up, I’m sure we all had our perfect idea of what our future husband would look like, what kind of man he would be, what religion, etc.  Then we grew up and probably ended up with the complete opposite. LOL

So what’s that one thing your partner does that you can’t stand? You know, the thing that is always a fight starter or leaves you rolling your eyes so far back that you get a headache!  For me, it’s whenever I call Bini and he answers yet continues a conversation with someone else! Oh, it drives me crazy, and even though I tell him ALL the time how much it irks my nerves, he still does it. Why is that? Could it be because he doesn’t see the value in changing his ways, or is it because his mind is geared that way and can’t change? (I don’t believe in that btw, I think everyone can change if they want to) or is it because I wasn’t upfront with the behavior from the get-go and therefore when I complained about it later on in the relationship, I looked like the crazy person? This is where I think the problem lies. Does this happen to any of you?

Sidenote: This was exactly a year ago (where does the time go)

Although pet peeves go unnoticed or don’t feel important when you’re first getting to know each other, especially the small ones, they will come back to bite you in the butt if you aren’t sure how to communicate your needs upfront. The problem is that, most of us don’t start dating with the idea of actually marrying the person. Therefore, the “why bother “mentality takes place and stays there until things get pretty serious. By that point in the relationship though, a lot of us decide to keep quiet because we feel like we can handle the issue or we are so much in love that what we once thought would bother us isn’t that important anymore. I’m writing here today to tell you PLEASE DON’T MAKE THAT MISTAKE.

If something bothers you today, speak your mind, do not let it fester inside you or hold back because of love, emotions, feeling rejected, or any other reason you can think of. There is nothing like being open and sharing what does and does not matter to you in your relationship. Whatever is left unsaid is always left for chance and misunderstanding and why should we allow even the slightest bit of confusion into our relationships?  

Always be your authentic self and do it in a loving way, so that you have your peace of mind in anything you do and that’s priceless.


So again, where in your relationship are you not speaking up? What makes you twitch every time you see your partner doing/saying it or if you aren’t in a relationship, what are some things you cannot tolerate?  For those of you that are single, I hope this blog is an eye-opener to how you will handle your future relationship. For those just dating, I hope this serves as a reminder to always be real with yourself and your partner. For those friends that are married, I hope this blog serves as your wakeup call! Yes, ma’am, it’s you’re wake up call to realize what it is you just can’t stand and talk about it with your spouse. Tell them how you feel and then let me know how freeing that just felt (don’t forget to be loving). Now, let me take my own advice and call my hubby. LOL

 As always, I’d love to hear from you. Leave your comments in the feedback section below if this blog resonated with you.


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